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Cancer Care and Treatment


We welcome individuals above 16 years old with known or suspected cancer. For individuals with suspected cancer, we coordinate further evaluation of symptoms and other findings so as to arrive at a definitive diagnosis, where possible.

Where the diagnosis of cancer is firm, we coordinate a cancer treatment plan. Individuals with low or minimal risk of cancer relapse will have a follow-up plan, and lifestyle changes and dietary advice shared.

Where evidence-based preventive therapy is required, we coordinate and administer chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, and targeted therapy, and liaise with the radiation oncologist if radiotherapy is required, to ensure a successful outcome. Therapy is usually outpatient in one of the screened-off recliners or bed in the clinic premises. The Clinic is a Medisave-approved center and is a partner with several insurers of the Integrated Plans for cancer-related therapies. The clinic will assist individuals with e-filing outpatient chemotherapy claims.

In individuals who decline active cancer treatment, we will strive for pain and symptom control. We will also assist such individuals with referrals for home care, if required.

For all individuals, we provide Patient Education and advice about Cancer Prevention, and we manage general medical conditions as well.